N26, the mobile bank that is a hit

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N26, the bank mobile that is a hit! It is the new service in vogue among young people. Why is it so popular? Simply because it is easy to use, practical and accessible to all. The benefits of N26 are numerous: no bank fees, a clear and intuitive application... In short, this bank seems to meet all the needs of consumers! However, it is not unanimous and some people blame N26 for its disadvantages: a lack of services offered compared to other traditional banks or even delays in money transfers. So what to choose?

The mobile bank that's a hit

In the next section, we'll introduce you to N26, a mobile bank that's on a roll. You'll find out how it has managed to become a market leader and why it is a hit with consumers.

Card bankmobile application and ultra-simplified web interface: the N26 bank has everything to appeal to young people assets. Launched in 2015 by two former Oscar Road entrepreneurs, it is already attracting several hundred thousand users in Europe. Its particularity? It has no (or almost no) bank fees! There is no need for a monthly minimum or to justify a minimum income as it can be the case with some traditional banks. As a bonus, the free offer already allows you to make contactless payments and offer a virtual blue card to your family or friends to manage your finances together. What a way to save time... and a few euros on traditional bank fees!

For several years, banks have been online are increasingly popular with consumers. Indeed, they offer many advantages such as lower banking fees, a generally more intuitive interface and attractive additional services. Among the main online banks present on the French market, we can find account N26. Founded in 2013 in Berlin by Valentin Stalf and Maximilian Tayenthal, N26 aims to be an alternative to traditional banks. The German startup now has 1 million users in Europe, including 150,000 active users in France (1). The reasons for the success of this fintech? Attractive rates, including a free international Mastercard, coupled with a customer service team that is available 24/7 and can be reached by chat in less than 60 seconds.

N26, the new trendy bank

The mobile bank N26 is a hit with young people. Presented as the bank of the future, it offers an innovative concept and seduces more and more users. In this section, we will present you how N26 works and why it is so successful. So if you are looking for a modern and innovative bank, follow the guide!

The mobile bank that's making a splash

Today, more and more banks are offering banking services that can only be accessed via a mobile app. Among them, we find N26, the new bank that is a hit with the French. Easy to use and inexpensive, it is attracting more and more people thanks to its attractive offer. While the big traditional banks are starting to lose market share to new financial sector start-ups such as N26, the latter is planning to take advantage of this momentum to make a place for itself in the sun!

N26, the bank of the future?

N26 is a mobile bank that is very successful. Indeed, it offers many advantages compared to other traditional banks: - Competitive rates; - No opening or deposit fees; - Free Mastercard and no commission on withdrawals abroad; - Very complete application to manage your account in real time; - Possibility to obtain a credit revolving with N26 You. In short, N26 seems to be the bank of the future!

Why do young people love N26?

N26 is a mobile bank that is wildly successful with young people. Why is this bank so successful with millennials? The answer in this article!

"N26, the mobile bank that's a hit: why do young people love this bank?"

Online banks are on the rise and N26 is no exception. Young people love this mobile bank for several reasons: it's convenient, user-friendly and above all very inexpensive. With N26, there are no entry fees or monthly management fees. In addition, current operations are free (ATM withdrawals, SEPA transfers, etc.). If necessary, additional paid services are available such as a insurance-travel or a joint account, for example. The premium MasterCard World Elite bank card also allows you to earn Miles & More points when purchases daily!

N26 is a mobile bank that was launched in 2015. It allows users to manage their bank account via an app, with no hidden fees or minimum transactions. The bank also offers free Visa cards and 24/7 customer service via chat or phone. Young people love N26 because it fits their needs: it's easy to use, convenient and cheap. Moreover, the possibility to temporarily block their card or account in case of loss or theft is very appreciated by users!

The advantages of N26

N26 is a mobile bank that is on a roll! Presented as the bank of the 21st century, it offers multiple advantages to consumers. In this section, we will present them to you so that you can decide if N26 is for you!

N26, the mobile bank that makes your life easier

N26 is a mobile bank that allows you to manage your bank account from your smartphone. It offers simple and efficient services, which makes it the ideal bank for people who are often on the move. Among its main advantages, we can mention: - Ease of use: you just have to download the N26 application on your smartphone to create an account in just a few minutes. Then, it is possible to manage your account remotely and make transfers or payments without any problem; - Reduced fees: unlike other banks, N26 does not charge unnecessary or abusive fees (overdrafts, rejection ..). Customer support 7 days a week: if you have a problem with your N26 account, you can contact customer support who will be happy to help you.

N26, the mobile bank that makes your life easier! That's what we can say about this new online bank. N26 is putting all the chances on its side to revolutionize the world of finance: an intuitive and rich mobile application featuresIf you are looking for a simple and efficient bank, N26 is for you!

Disadvantages of the N26 bank

In this period of pandemic, online and mobile banks are on the rise. Among them, the N26 bank stands out with its €0 monthly offer for students and young workers. But is it really such a good deal? In this article, we will see together what are the disadvantages of the N26 bank.

The N26 bank is not without its drawbacks

With N26 bank, it's easy to manage your money from your smartphone. However, this can also have its drawbacks. Indeed, the relationship between customers and advisors is not established in a traditional way since there is no physical contact. Moreover, in case of technical problems or errors on your account, you will have to contact the customer service by chat or phone which can be long and tedious.

N26 is not a bank like the others, it is a mobile bank. It was created in 2013 and it already has 2 million users in Europe. The particularity of N26 is that it has no physical branches. Everything is done by internet or by phone. This can be convenient for some people but it is not without drawbacks: - It is more difficult to reach a customer advisor because there is no physical branch; - The services offered are limited; - If you encounter technical problems, you may have trouble finding help; - Your account may be blocked if you change countries too often or if you make suspicious transactions in the eyes of the bank.


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