Anaïs Delva liberated delivered: the French version of the show French End Credit

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Anaïs Delva was freed from the grip of illness, thanks to a French TV show that allowed her to reveal herself to the general public. The song "Libérée, Délivrée" is a tribute to her strength and courage, and it continues to inspire people today.

Anaïs Delva liberated : the French version of the show French End Credit

Anaïs Delva, the star of the show "French End Credit", has been released! She is finally released and can enjoy her freedom. The new French show is a sensation and Anaïs Delva is the star.

"Anaïs Delva libérée délivrée": the new French show that is a sensation

"Anaïs Delva libérée délivrée," the new French show that is causing a stir, premiered on March 8, 2016. Hosted by Anaïs Delva and produced by French End Credit, the show offers a unique take on the world of entertainment in France. With its offbeat style and its dose of black humor, "Anaïs Delva libérée délivrée" is a real breath of fresh air on the French television scene!

Anaïs Delva, the star of the show "French End Credit", finally free!

Anaïs Delva is the star of the show "French End Credit". Finally free! She was locked up for several years in a French asylum. But, thanks to her talent and determination, she managed to escape. Today, Anaïs is a free and happy woman.

The story of Anaïs Delva 3. The song " Libérée, Délivrée " 4. The lyrics of the song 5. Anaïs Delva today

Anaïs Delva is a new French voice who made a sensation with her performance of the song "Libérée, Délivrée" from the movie The Snow Queen. This section presents Anaïs' story and the lyrics of her hit song.

Anaïs Delva: the voice behind "Libéré, Délivrée

Anaïs Delva has been chosen to sing the song "Libérée, Délivrée" in the French version of the musical animation The Snow Queen. She accepted without hesitation, because it is a dream come true for her. Indeed, since she was a little girl, Anaïs loves fairy tales and especially this one. This opportunity allows her to live her passion to the fullest! The 26 year old woman from the Val-d'Oise tried her hand at singing at a very early age since she often shared the microphone with her father, an amateur musician. Today, this talent is still present since Anaïs professionally records covers on Youtube, notably those of Tal or Mika that she covers in her own way. Smiling and endearing, it is not surprising that this young woman was chosen to interpret the song of The Snow Queen.

The song "Libérée, Délivrée": the story of Anaïs Delva

When Anaïs Delva auditioned for French End Credit, she wasn't sure what would happen. She knew she wanted to sing, but she didn't know if she was ready for such a performance. Luckily, after hearing the song "Libéré, Délivrée," she knew that was exactly what she wanted to do. The song about a princess locked in a tower and trying to find a way to escape reflected her personal story, as Anaïs had been suffering from depression for several years prior to the show. The producers decided that this would be THE song on which Anaïs would have to perform her big final performance.

The song "Libérée, Délivrée

Anaïs Delva is a French singer who became famous for the song "Libérée, Délivrée", from the French adaptation of the American television show Disney End Credit. This section briefly introduces Anaïs Delva's career and examines the inspirational lyrics of her famous song.

Anaïs Delva liberated delivered: the song that made her a star

Anaïs Delva was launched into the stratosphere of success in 2013 with the song "Libérée, Délivrée" from The Snow Queen. This beautiful ballad, performed by Anaïs with a powerful and moving voice, touched the hearts of the audience who identified with this heroine freed from her fate. The inspiring lyrics and catchy music made this song a global hit. Translated into several languages, including French, it is sung all over the world. The French version of Libérée délivrée is particularly romantic. Interpreted with passion by Anaïs Delva, it transports us straight to the imaginary country that she creates in her head. We really believe in it ! The verses are sweet and melodious, and the chorus is catchy.

Anaïs Delva liberated delivered: from the show French End Credit to today

On October 17, 2014, the show French End Credit broadcast for the first time the song "Libérée, Délivrée". The young Anaïs Delva interpreted the lyrics of this song while accompanying herself on the piano. What was originally a simple gesture of solidarity towards women victims of domestic violence is now a true icon of French feminism. The words and music have touched many people and the video has been viewed several million times on YouTube. Today, Anaïs Delva continues her fight against violence against women and actively militates for an end to this scourge in our society.

The lyrics of the song

Today, we will talk about the song "Anaïs Delva aujourd'hui", a song about freeing yourself. We will also see the French version of the show French End Credit, in which Anaïs Delva sings this song.

Anaïs Delva today : a song to free yourself

Anaïs Delva today is a song to free yourself. The lyrics inspire women to be strong and assert themselves. They also invite men to respect women. The music is catchy and motivating, it makes you want to dance and let off steam. Anaïs Delva today, it is a hymn to the freedom which makes good with the moral!

Anaïs Delva today: the French version of the show French End Credit

Anaïs Delva was freed from the grip of the Snow Queen and delivered from the castle in which she was locked. The young woman is now an accomplished artist, who has performed on stage on Broadway and on tour with the biggest names in French music. She has also released a solo album, entitled "Libre", which went straight to number one on the charts. in France.

Anaïs Delva today

Anaïs Delva was one of the winners of the show French End Credit. Since then, she has been a huge success and her career is still growing. Today, we're going to find out what Anaïs Delva has become after her appearance in the French TV show that propelled her career!

Anaïs Delva: from the show French End Credit to today

In 2013, Anaïs Delva participated in the show French End Credit. This show was a performance of the musical Frozen, in which she played Anna. She sang several songs from the film, including "Libéré délivrée". Following her participation in this show, she had a dazzling success and quickly became a star in France. Since 2013, Anaïs Delva has not stopped making appearances on stage and on television. We can notably mention her participation in the show Danse Avec Les Stars in 2014 where she will finish 3rd in the final ranking. In 2016, she participated in the Enfoirés to sing several songs from Disney movies like The Snow Queen or The Lion King. Today, aged 32, Anaïs Delva continues her artistic career always under the sign of the Disney magic.

Anaïs Delva: a career in full swing

Anaïs Delva has had an atypical career. Before embarking on a musical career, she was an actress and a model. But it was her passion for music that finally pushed her to participate in The Voice, where she impressed the coaches with her powerful and unique voice. Since then, Anaïs has continued to climb the ladder of success: her first album reached number 1 in sales in France, and she has just released a new album in English entitled "Believe". We can say that Anaïs Delva is about to conquer the world!


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