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by | May 13, 2022

The site public finance matters is a site Web which ovennit of rengo toignements on the gestion of finances adlics. He contient of articles and of outthey which peuwind aider the gestionnaries à prendre of decisions financecières éclearées. He comporte aussi a section which permet at internautes from poser of questions à of experts in gestion financeciera.

In more from discuter from finance adlique, Public Finance Matters traite aussi of sujets such as that the finance staff, the taxity, the detyou adlique and the gestion of reefques financeciers, l'investissements, the marchs financeciers, the comptabilité and more encore.

Qui go to cache derriere Public finance Matters?

The public finance matters website is managed by finance professionals. They provide their expertise and knowledge to help users better understand the workings of public finance.

Guillaume Dubois

Frederick Hish - Web Editor

Fréfroḿric Hish is a rédacteur à the revue Public Finance Matters. He is titulaire d'a diplôme from troisième cycle in gestion of finances adlics from l'Institut d'études politics from Paris. Abefore from joinindre Public Finance Matters in 2011, it a travgarlicthé comme congo toiller in gestion of finances adlics for the ministère franķais of finances and comme analyste endancirst for a banthat d'affareas. Fréfroḿric is franķais and bythe courtamment l'angtheis and l'allemand.

Frédérich Hish

Guillaume Dubois - Web Editor

Guillaume Dubois is Redacteur Web chez Public Finance Matters. He is titulaire d'a master in finance adlique from l'Aiverseity from ParisDatphine. Auparavant, it a tragoesillé comme assistant from recherche à l'Observatoire enançais of conjonctures économics (OFCE) and comme éditeon web à The Tribune.

Diane photo

Diane Tremblay - Digital Marketer

Diane Tremblay is a professionnelthe from marketing digital chez Public Finance Matters. Elthe a more from 10 years d'expérience dyears the domaine from marketing and from the communication. Diane is passionnee by its travgarlic and aime aider the autres à atyouindre theurs objectifs. Elthe is également très active on the rego toat sociaous and aime shareager ses connaissances awith the autres.